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A tribute to Colin Arthur Matthews by Susan Matthews

Date added: 9 Nov 2015


Susan Matthews

British Liver Trust Book of Memories
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Tribute to Colin Matthews from Sue

It has been a great comfort to me to have received so many messages over the last few weeks, I have been moved by the deep and genuine love so many people have shown to you Colin. The way you listened to and helped budding musicians and songwriters to gain confidence in their own abilities has been spoken of many times. Your influence in the local folk and wider music scene will continue for many years to come. The love and respect people have for you will not fade.

Colin you have been in my life for 45 years, you are my rock, my life, my love and my soulmate. We were as one and now, although you are no longer physically here with me, I feel that your love and support will guide me in whatever the future has in store for me. You will always be with me and I will keep your love close to my heart, till we meet again my love.

Good night, sleep tight

Love you always,

Sue xxxx

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