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The Trust is committed to the ongoing research of names that may qualify for inclusion on the Memorial and in the Book of Remembrance and other Trust records.

The Firefighters Memorial, adjacent St Paul’s Cathedral in London, displays the names of some 2,300 members of the Fire and Rescue Service, as per the Criteria set by the Trust. These names are replicated in the Book of Remembrance and other records maintained by The Trust.

The Trust hopes that this Book of Remembrance serves as a fitting tribute to those who have died as a result of their duties serving the nation and it’s communities as members of the Fire and Rescue Service, by whatever organisational title they served in the past.

It is hoped that the listings will give comfort to those who knew each person named and who is being Remembered and Honoured. It is also hoped that the listings will serve as a point of reference for family or general history researchers and, in turn, bring more information to permit the Trust to correctly maintain its records.

Use of the Search facility may assist with listings for a particular name, Brigade or location etc. Further filtration can then be madeonce directed to the Search page.

We pay tribute to all those listed in this Book of Remembrance.

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother unveiling the original 'Blitz' Memorial on 4 May 1991


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