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This Book of Remembrance is designed primarily to Remember and pay Tribute to all those within its pages. Hopefully it will serve as a source comfort to those with a personal memory of anyone recorded. It is also hoped that it will also serve as a source of information for Family History and Fire Brigade History research.

When using the information contained in this book for research, the following information should be noted:

The majority of names listed are those, which are currently displayed on The Firefighters Memorial, close to St Paul’s Cathedral, London. When these names were placed on the Memorial, they were included and spelt to level of knowledge and available records at the time. Some were also added against the Criteria that existed at the time and which may not match the Criteria used today.

One example of this is the inclusion of some names of wartime members of the Service who were actually off-duty at the time of their injury or death. This was in the original belief that all members of the Service were deemed to be permanently on-duty during this period in history. This in fact was not the case and it has now been established that some listed on the Memorial did in fact die resulting from enemy action whilst they were at home address, sometimes with other members of their family.

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Book of Remembrance

Likewise, there are some names that subsequent research has revealed them not to be members of the Fire Service or were added in error.

Those names originally placed on the Memorial in error, have not been recorded in the Memorial listing in this book, but are recorded within the listings for Fire Guards, Fire Watchers and Firemen who died as a result of Military Service.

The Policemen placed on the Firefighters Memorial in error will be found on the Police Roll of Honour website:

The Trust does, of course, Pay Tribute to those Policemen and other Emergency Service personnel or any member of the public who has died whilst assisting at the scene of any fire or emergency incident.

Those names incorrectly spelt on the Firefighters Memorial are recorded in blue text ,showing the incorrectly spelt name in brackets.

Source records may not always show the sequence or personal choice of names, as may be recorded on a birth certificate. Alternative choice of name is shown where known.

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