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Names to be added to the Firefighters Memorial

The names in this chapter are not yet displayed on the Firefighters Memorial, but will be added at an Annual Service of Remembrance in the future, at which time they will also be removed from this listing and will be added to the main listing in this Book of Remembrance.

This listing contains any recent deaths and also names from the past that have been identified through ongoing research.

Due to the size of the cast bronze plates used to display names on the Memorial, the Trust will sometimes place a temporary casting on the Memorial until such time as a permanent casting can be created.

During the annual ceremony at the Memorial, each name being added will be read out and a period of silence will be observed, during which time Standard Bearers from the various Fire and Rescue Services and organisations attending will be lower their Standards in tribute. Wreaths will be then be laid.

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Firefighters Memorial - St. Pauls Cathedral

firefighters outside St Paul's Cathedral

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