About Fort Mifflin

Known as “The Fort That Saved America”, Fort Mifflin is a battle hardened veteran that served America for over 185 years.

In November of 1777 the brave garrison of 400 American patriots prevented the Royal Navy from resupplying the British Army in Philadelphia. That brave garrison paid a heavy price with 240+ casualties. Yet they never surrendered even as the fort they were defending was obliterated around them.

There is not a more fitting location to honor a Patriot or Veteran then the hallowed ground of Fort Mifflin.

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Why place your bricks at Fort Mifflin?

Because as a veteran of 183 years of service to America there is not a better place in America to honor your beloved veteran than Fort Mifflin.Beginning in October of 1777 a valiant 5-week battle took place on the hollow ground of Fort Mifflin culminating in the greatest bombardment of the Revolutionary War. The forts young garrison was ordered by General Washington to “hold to the last extremity,” and that they did.

During the last 3 days of the siege the British force of 2,000 soldiers and over 250 warship shot over 10,000 cannonballs at the forts 400 defenders killing or wounding well over 250 of the young American Patriots. The United States Marine Corp magazine Leatherneck concluded that Fort Mifflin had not been defeated “It had simply been obliterated.”

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