Add a Patriot or Veteran

This Book is dedicated to remembering our Patriots and Veterans by creating, sharing and preserving their stories.

Check to see if a page has already been created for the Patriot or Veteran you are interested in using the search box. If their name is in the book clicking on their name from the dropdown selection will:

a) take you to their celebration page if one has already been set up where you can add tributes, and photographs which can be shared with family and friends,


b) If their name is in the book but no celebration page has been set up yet, you will be asked to Register (or Log In if you have already Registered) so that you can create a new page in their memory which can then be shared with other family and friends.

If the person you are looking for is not listed in the book at all then please click on the button at the top of the book to Add a Patriot or Veteran. Here, you will be asked to Register (or Log In) to add a new name to the book and then if you want to you can create a page in their honor.

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