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Nadine Brett

Guide Dogs - Book of Remembrance
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Dear Family and Friends, As a way of celebrating, sharing and remembering $personFirstName$ together, I have created a celebration page within the $bookTitle$ Here we can all share our memories – through stories, thoughts, messages, photographs and videos. If you would like to visit the page and add your own message or tribute simply go to: $findPersonLink$ Thank you,
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Celebration by: Michael GRAY

Date added: 5 May 2016

A culinary expert on salt & pepper chicken, we remember fondly her great spirit, friendship and affection. 

From the poem "All is Well" ;

" - Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.  Play, smile, think of me......." 

An animal lover we hope that Nade would be pleased to be sponsoring three puppies in training as guide dogs for the blind.


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