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Elizabeth Joan Devonshire

Guide Dogs - Book of Remembrance
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Dear Family and Friends, As a way of celebrating, sharing and remembering $personFirstName$ together, I have created a celebration page within the $bookTitle$ Here we can all share our memories – through stories, thoughts, messages, photographs and videos. If you would like to visit the page and add your own message or tribute simply go to: $findPersonLink$ Thank you,
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Celebration by: Liz Childs

Date added: 19 Jan 2011

Mum, Always there keeping us safe & secure. As a child I would sit on the back of your bicycle when you took me to school in all weathers. As I grew up I know you found it hard as I became more independent and able to stand on my own feet. What I miss now and had missed for a long time since your strokes and illness were our days out shopping on my day off. Before I could drive we would go to Guildford on the bus and have lunch out in Debenhams or A&N. How I wish we could have those times back & how I wished I had treasured them more. You were there if we needed you, and the one bit of advice I shall always remember was one day while I was driving you asked if David & me had thought about a family & I said I didn't want children. You told me not to have them just to please other people, that would be wrong have them because you want them. I have never forgotten that.

There are lots of other sayings that remind me of you, & they make me smile when I think of them.

I'm sure you loved me in your own way & I loved you in my own way. We were never a huggy & kissy family unlike some & maybe we should have expressed our feelings more openly.

To me you were the twin set & pearls mum with the shampoo & set hairstyle always wearing your apron at home with a duster and when we went out you always had your handbag & shopping bag with the plastic rain hat & head scarf.

Fond memories

All my love Popsie

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