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Mrs Elizabeth Ferguson Gladstone

Guide Dogs - Book of Remembrance

Known as Liz

of Largs

11 Jan 1943 - 13 Jan 2015

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Celebration by: Archie Gladstone

Date added: 28 Apr 2016

In memory of my wonderful wife LIZ.

I can picture a heavenly, far away place

  on a day that is sunny and fair

me and my darling, snuggled up close

  just sitting enjoying the air

Laughing and joking and sipping fine wine

   and watching small clouds drifting on

sifting old memories, thinking nice thoughts

   all heartache and sadness long gone

I know you'll be there love, still waiting for me

   some day when my life is all done

and what could be better than this at the end

   You're smile....and a seat in the sun

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