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Mr Richard Achille Marbaix

Guide Dogs - Book of Remembrance

Known as Richard

of London

26 Oct 1932 - 6 Dec 2016

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Celebration by: Betty Marbaix

Date added: 12 Jun 2017

Richard was my life for 48 years.He was the dad to Francesca and Andrew. He loved and was very kind to animals. we owned three dogs and numerous stray cats in his lifetime.He had no favourite but his Alsatian called Bishue,he grew up with in Belgium and his Labrador called Solo were so badly missed as was our last cat Rufee. Richard was strong and sensitive,never believed his body would give up on him in the end. I miss him every day and long to hear his voice again. We'll love him forever.

In April 2017 we became great granparents to little Mia from Brandon and his girlfriend Ellie. You would love her as she is so sociable and funny, you would be asking her and giving her smoofers like you do to our beautiful Elle. 

Today 26th October 2017 his birthday one year on and its such a sad day for us, Francesca, Andrew,myself and his lovely granddaughter Elle, had a nice meal here and some cake afterwards with a glass of Baileys,his favourite drink and just chatted about him. Im sure he was with us in spirit. Our loss is still very raw and every day Richard I miss you and think of you. Socks is still going strong and eating everything. Love you always.your Betty   

It s now Christmas 2018 and all thefamily came round as usual, our new gret grandaughter was not here but Brandon came, Francesca and Mert, Andrew and our Elle.I did’nt have the same spirit in it. On your birthday in October myself Francesca and Elle sent up a lovely Chinese Lantern, it was abit scarey as the wind was so strong, itdissapeared very quick over the tops of thehouses. We just wanted to send a message of our love to you.its 2 years now since we lost you Richard and it still seems like it was yesterday. Will i ever get usedto being alone....

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