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Alexander Sangster

Guide Dogs - Book of Remembrance
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Dear Family and Friends, As a way of celebrating, sharing and remembering $personFirstName$ together, I have created a celebration page within the $bookTitle$ Here we can all share our memories – through stories, thoughts, messages, photographs and videos. If you would like to visit the page and add your own message or tribute simply go to: $findPersonLink$ Thank you,
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Celebration by: Annie Sangster

Date added: 31 Mar 2011

My Alex you left too soon.
You left with dreams still to meet reality.
You lived quietly doing the things that made you happy. Latterly, I don’t know which came first on your list of favourite things. Johnny Cash or the dogs (golden retrievers, Vray, Guy and Ellie) but I knew my place in the queue!
Always helping people in whatever way you could. Always kind and considerate treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. You spoke to all the dogs and knew their names. You spoke to the kids, the elderly and all those in between. You would be late home from work because you helped someone change their punctured tyre. You gave people time to pack their shopping when you were on the tills.
Your knowledge was great and always sought after by others. I am sure you knew more about Johnny Cash, Country Singer in America, than he did himself. Never bigheaded you certainly were down to earth with your thinking.
You loved to travel in your motorhome to your favourite place. Taking the dogs for a long walk and trying out new things but just as happy to be home again.
Whatever you were interested in, like the computer, you became extremely good at. Your quest to find out how the things you liked worked, where they came from, how they affected others, never ended until you succeeded.
You were always kind to your parents helping them when you could. The kindness you showed towards my mum when she was ill had to be seen to be believed. You were so gentle and so loving to all members of your family.
The school friends you made were still friends until the end. You were easy going but got your point across when necessary.
I miss you so much my love, forty years of our lives together can never be forgotten.
Once again you have gone ahead to make sure my way will be smooth.
My love for my man!

“Every ending has to be too much too soon for just about everybody.”
“I know love’s what you left me with.” (lyrics of a song “Loves what you left me with”)
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