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Using the new book


If you have arrived here instead of where you expected, then you will see that the Guide Dogs Place of Remembrance book and website have been updated.

These have been combined so that when you search for someone their details are given within the book.

You can add further dedications and leave messages that will appear within the book within their dedicated pages.

If you added the original dedication then you are now able to edit and add images or even a link to a YouTube video by logging in with your email address.

You will first need to 'Reset Password' giving your original email address and then you can login and set your own password if preferred.

If you experience any difficulty then please contact us


Q: Why are there 2 chapters?
A: There is one chapter for Tribute Funds and another remembering our supporters.

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Q: How do I find someone in the book ?
A: There is a searchbox in the top right of the top navigation bar. Enter their first and or last name, Click on their name. You will be taken to their name in the list of names.
A (O) roundel icon indicates that person has a dedication.

Q: How do I edit a dedication that I have already created ?
A: You will need to Log In. Clicking on their name will take you to page where you will see the option to 'Edit' at the top of the page.

Q: How do I add a dedication to a friend or relative listed in the book ?
A: If their name does not have a (O) roundel motif against their name, then click on their name.
You will be asked for an Access Code which you will have to request from us as we will first need to verify your eligibility.
Once you receive this Access Code, please Log Inor Reset Password to add your dedication.

Q: How do I add a message to someone in the book?
A: First Log In then you can add messages, tributes and images to a person in the book

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