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Riley Lawrence

Guide Dogs - Paws for Thought

of Conon Bridge, Dingwall

10 Nov 2001 - 25 Apr 2014

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Guide dog remembered by: Colin Lawrence

Date added: 8 Oct 2018

Riley retired from being a Guide Dog at the age of four in 2006 and came to live with Carol and Colin Lawrence in the Scottish Highlands.  We were very fortunate to be able to rehome such a young retired Guide Dog and to have his companionship for eight years.  Apart from an occasional tendency to disappear in the forest or across the moor in pursuit of a deer carcass (which he could identify from a mile away), he never put a paw out of place in all the time that he was with us.  He was a great collector of long sticks, sometimes with the help (or otherwise) of his little accomplice Skye the Australian Shepherd.  We still miss you, Riley.  Take care, our lovely man.  
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