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Aiysha Oliver

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Guide dog remembered by: Julie Oliver

Date added: 4 Mar 2010

Her life story Born 23rd May 1994 Died 16th Sept 2006

Aiysha was donated to Guide Dogs and began her training about 4 months after Guide Dog bred dogs would normally start. She was not puppy walked. She was offered to Julie in August 1996 aged 2years 3months. Julie went away on class to train with Aiysha in September 1996 and qualified on September 21st

Right from the start it was a good partnership, Aiysha worked with great consistency. She went everywhere with Julie, taking Julie to all her activities, she went to church, the theatre and on holidays with us. She worked very well everywhere. She was a great fund raiser, and came with us for street collections and when we became Guide dog speakers she came along and was a great favourite in schools.

Unfortunately there were some health issues, and times when she wasn’t so well, but she always bounced back to full health. Aiysha continued her loyal work as a guide, maintaining good health and walking speed way passed her 10th birthday.

Julie was assessed for her new dog and the plan was to let Aiysha continue working until a new dog came along. However as she approached her 11th birthday, she got slower and was reluctant to start a working walk, so she was retired. As much as Julie wanted to keep her, she couldn’t work with a new dog and keep Aiysha, and she couldn’t bear the thought of her going to just anybody, so her best friend Marion, volunteered to have her in retirement. Aiysha lived with Marion and her mother for 15 months, but eventually her back legs began to go and after some weeks of illness and infirmity, she was gently put to sleep.

We will always remember her as the star that she was, our beautiful Aiysha. She will remain in our hearts for ever.

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