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Lance Averis

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Guide dog remembered by: Karen Averis

Date added: 17 Jan 2012

Lance sometimes was not the best Guide Dog in the world but he was a very special Guide Dog and served Tony Averis for 10 years. He became Tony's friend, confidante and inspiration to start to live again. He got him through the bad times and they went on to have the most wonderful good times. I knew Lance all through his time with Tony and the difference that Lance made to Tony's life was incredible.

He came to myself and my partner Rob for his retirement and we had two wonderful years with him. He didn't want to play football so much and he wasn't as playful but he still could manage to play with his favourite thing, his football on good days.

His favourite toy was Gerald who he would scoop up to cuddle and never bit a portion out of the whole time he possessed him!

You are greatly missed Lance and we hope that you are playing football up in heaven!
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