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Bobby Wellbelove

Guide Dogs - Paws for Thought

Known as Loveable Bobby, Bobby Boy, Bobbikins

20 Aug 2008 - 21 Jul 2017

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Guide dog remembered by: lesley wellbelove

Date added: 31 Jul 2017

I will never be able to put into words what a special dog Bobby was and how much he meant to me. He was such a massive part of our family, so dearly loved and sorely missed.

Our loveable Bobby was taken far too soon, we would have loved to have had more time but he certainly made the most of the years he graced us with and we feel so grateful to have had him. His personality filled the house, he had such a love for life. He was always such a happy boy, always bounding around, being cheeky, always wagging his tail bashing everyone with it, causing a draft and making us laugh. He was such a big soppy boy always nudging your arm so he could fit under it for a cuddle, would give you crafty licks when you least expect it and loved snuggles on the floor.

Bobby was a truly amazing guide dog who worked so hard every day keeping me safe and helping me. He beamed with praise and got so much joy from helping me and being my faithful companion. I trusted bobby with my life and he never let me down, he was my best friend who restored my independence and confidence and changed my life. We had such a strong special relationship a bond that will never be broken and a dog that will never be forgotten. As well as being my life line and guide dog bobby was our much loved family dog a gentle soul who we adored with all our hearts. He loved being in the garden peeping through the fence looking at the neighbour's cat and being on pigeon watch. He loved helping with any gardening, running free at the park-running as fast as possible. We will never forget the day Bobby ran so fast to join in with a polo game which I’m not sure the players were too impressed with. He loved the seaside, he was always so happy and grateful for a toy hours and hours would be spent playing with them, he loved having a brush, snuggles with everyone, really he just loved being part of the family and being involved in everything we did. He was never happier than when he was in amongst us all.

Bobby not only brought his gorgeous presence to us he also brought us to meet our dear friends Patricia and David who puppy walked Bobby. They are so amazing and gave booby the most wonderful start and made Bobby into the most precious boy. Patricia and David named Bobby loveable Bobby and that couldn’t have been more right loveable was exactly what bobby was. Thank you for being our special Boy Bobby. You were our everything! We are so happy and grateful to have had you and will love you forever.

Your presence we miss your memory we treasure loving you always in our thoughts forever.

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