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About Brother James - continued

Like many who lead he was not always easy to work with but all respected him and many loved and admired him. Over recent years, he has handed over RTU to an entirely Indian team, led by Father Antony Paulsamy OFM Cap, who was himself brought up by Brother in Boys' Village. All at RTU, both past and present, will grieve the loss of their inspiration and guiding light, and the children will mourn their ‘Thatha-ji’ – their honoured grandfather.

Brother James’s spiritual resource was deeply Christian: he depended on prayer and regular Mass to maintain his living out of the gospel. He has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many through his dedicated and loving Christian service truly following the teaching of Jesus: “Whoever welcomes a little child welcomes me”. In doing this he found his fulfilment.

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He is buried in the small cemetery at Anbu Illam, the first Children’s Village he built, among the graves of the children in his care who were too malnourished or too ill with AIDS-related illnesses to survive. Brother James often quoted, “Much of what we do is like planting trees, under whose shade we may never sit but plant we must.”

He leaves a thriving organisation which is known and admired throughout the world.Those at RTU will continue to plant trees wherever they are needed.

Brother James Kimpton FSC
23rd May 1925 – 5th October 2017

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