Heirloom Project

A Trust full of treasure - A legacy for all

The National Trust for Scotland is the foremost heritage and conservation charity in Scotland and in every castle we care for and garden we tend there are treasures loved by volunteers and visitors alike.

Whether it’s a grandfather clock or your favourite Munro, everyone has something from this vast collection they would wish to protect for future generations to inherit.

If you had the chance to hand down just one of these amazing things, what would you choose?

Share your love of Scotland’s Heritage

We’d love to know which places and objects mean the most to you. We want to show why this heritage matters to the people who enjoy it, and why it is worth handing on to the future.

It is only with the help of people like you that we can protect these amazing places and collections for generations to come.

Read on to see what people across the world have nominated as their Heirlooms for the future.

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Please note: You are allowed to add properties not cared for by the Trust if you wish, as all Scotland’s heritage is important. However we will make a slight amendment to the page to note the current owner/ manager of the site in question to avoid any confusion regarding ownership. Thank you for your understanding.

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