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Heads of Departments

The Last Great Cruise of The Queen Mary

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Story by: The Queen Mary Archivist

Date added: 5 Oct 2017

Captain : John Treasure Jones

Heads of Departments :
Staff Captain : Percival (Peter) W Silson
Chief Officer : George R Carter
Chief Engineer : John Watt
Staff Chief Engineer : Maurice Donaldson
Doctor/Surgeon : John B Wilson [1]
Purser : Alastair Graham
Chief Steward : Mr Green

Insignia of Rank and Department
Between the braid insignias of rank, the colour indicated the department :

     Navy Blue/Black for the Deck officers
     Purple for Engineers
     White for Pursers
     Red for Doctors and Surgeons
     Green for Radio officers
     zig-zag braid was for the Chief Steward
          and Catering officers.

[1] All documentation, as well as diary entries, state that the Ship’s Doctor/Surgeon on the Final Voyage to Long Beach was John B Wilson. However the back of the photograph of the Departmental Heads, entitled ‘RMS Queen Mary Farewell Voyage 1967’, identifies the doctor as ‘Dr [Peter] Morgan’; this identification has been confirmed by an ex-crewmember. This would suggest that Dr Morgan did the New York and the two subsequent cruises and Dr Wilson did just the Final Voyage.

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