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Jack Garrett

The Last Great Cruise of The Queen Mary

2nd Junior 2nd Engineer

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Story by: The Queen Mary Archivist

Date added: 27 Apr 2018

In 1967 Jack was 44 years old. He was married to Anne and had two young daughters Joanne and Jayne. His sister and her family lived in Southern California.
Facing unemployment after the Final Voyage they were going to stay on and resettle there.

Because there were several empty crew cabins in the crew’s quarters Jack was allowed to take along their personal belongings including Joanne’s bicycle and Jayne’s crib. As the Queen Mary sailed from Southampton Jack was up on deck and was sure that he could see his family waving from one of the small boats. He was told later that his 4 year old daughter was crying+ not because her Daddy was leaving but because he was taking her bicycle with him!

The engineer representing the City of Long Beach who has sailed on the last voyage with the British crew put Jack in touch with a firm of sub-contractors who would be doing the ballast work on the ship when some of the machinery was removed and they hired him as a consultant. He spent many more happy months working on ‘his ship’ while he was being prepare for her final berth.

In their later years Jack & Anne were residents of Oceansid 75 miles south of Long Beach. In 2009 Anne and the rest of the Garrett family celebrated Jack’s 86th birthday by taking him to inspect the Queen Mary one more time.

Extracted from a tribute article by Lillian Cox published in the Rancho Santa Fe News/The Coast News on Oct 22 2010

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