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Mr Green

The Last Great Cruise of The Queen Mary

Chief Steward

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Story by: The Queen Mary Archivist

Date added: 5 Oct 2017

Note the zig-zag braid for the Chief Steward and Catering officers.
His responsibilities covered :
• The management of the bars with their attendant Cellarmen, Barmen, like Francis McGarry, Bar-stewards, as well as the Sommeliers and wine waiters in the restaurants were all within his domain. All areas where all sorts of losses and frauds could (and, over the years, certainly did) occur.
• He was also responsible for the actual catering, with the Chefs, like Bob Finnegan, Sous-chefs, Cooks, Bakers & Butchers, and kitchen porters, besides the Maître d'hôtel and waiters in the restaurants. Generally the kitchen staff went un-noted, but on this voyage people would recall the name of the Fish Cook, Jock (Lobby/Lobster) Horsburgh who was buried at sea. There were Head Waiters like Thomas Jones, individuals like John Finey and the small table teams such as Ian, George and John who looked after the Krauch table.
• The Housekeeping department, responsible for making passengers comfortable while they were in their rooms, including the care of the cabins. There were Cabin Stewards, such as John Purnell and stewardesses.
There was the ’fittest man aboard’ Dom Volante, the gym instructor, as well as stewards in the Turkish baths and swimming pools.
The laundry was run by Higgy Haight, who, with seven laundresses, had all been specially employed for the voyage. A separate group did the general cleaning and maintenance of the common areas around the ship.
• The Bellboys and Lift Operators, like D. M. MacLeod, also reported to the Chief Steward.
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