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Velma A Krauch

The Last Great Cruise of The Queen Mary

of Los Angeles Calif USA

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Story by: The Queen Mary Archivist

Date added: 14 Oct 2017

Bill and Velma Krauch travelled with Bill’s brother, Herb, and his wife Hannah. Bill worked in advertising whilst Herbert had recently retired as managing editor for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.

Bill and Velma had a cabin with a porthole, but bunk beds, a wash basin, a lavatory, desk, closet, night stand and chair (costing $3,150). Herb and Hannah an inside cabin with the same, apart from the ‘luxury’ porthole (costing $2,850). Velma describes Bill as ‘never been a resort, cruise or tour oriented vacationist – not even in the wildest stretch of my wishful thinking. His idea of fun is taking a two-week hiking trip through rugged mountain country – sleeping bag, tent and fishing pole variety’.

Velma’s light-hearted account of the final voyage entitled Three Stacks and You’re Out was published in 1971
by VanLee Enterprise.
Library of Congress Catalog number 77-165588.
Copies of this book can still be found on line.

Edited extracts from this book have been published in RMS Queen Mary – The Final Voyage.

Ferry Publications ISBN 978 1 9112 6810 9
Details of this book can be viewed with this link.

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