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About the Crew

Under normal sailing conditions on the North Atlantic the Queen Mary had a capacity of 2,139 passengers and 1,101 crew.

For the Last Cruise there was uncertainty about being able to obtain replacement supplies of fuel oil and fresh water.  Because of the first of these restricting factors it was decided to only use two out of the four engines and half the boilers.  Because of the second, the number of passengers was limited to 1,000.  Both of these decisions meant that the number of Crew could also be reduced.

The Log of the Last Cruise states that on leaving Southampton there were in total 806 Crew on board.  These are specified as:

Crew Deck             119

Crew Engine            98

Crew Catering        589

It was significant that nine of the crew members had experienced both the first and last voyages.  There were several others who had sailed with her for all 31 years.

Whilst the manifest states that there were 806 crew on board, we have not been able to find a full listing of the members of the crew.

The initial 90 or so names listed here have been gleaned from various references and sources.

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Crew - Deck

This covers the officers and crew responsible for the Bridge and deck activities.  These included:

Navigation and steering of the ship.  The bridge officers were assisted by quartermasters who were senior seamen functioning as the helmsmen.

Communications. These were primarily the function of the Chief Radio Officer and his team, including the telephonist.

The Master at Arms and assistant, responsible for security and law enforcement.

The Deck Department, responsible for such tasks as, distribution and care of deck seating & covers; the washing down of the salt deposits from the decks and outside of the public room windows.

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