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About the Passengers

Under normal sailing conditions on the North Atlantic the Queen Mary had a capacity of 2,139 passengers.  For the Last Cruise there was uncertainty about being able to obtain replacement supplies of fresh water.  Because of this restricting factor it was decided to limit the number to 1,000 passengers.

Based on the 1,000 names and address details in the Souvenir Passenger List, the countries of residence of these passengers were as follows:

United States of America 936 = 94%

United Kingdom                46

Eire                                    1

Bahamas                            2

Canada                              7

Australia                             2

Brazil                                  3

Peru                                   1

Mexico                                2

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Not surprisingly perhaps, 72% of the passengers were Californians; those from New York were next with 7% with another 3% from Illinois and the remaining 12% spread over 30 other states.

Several of the passengers  had even travelled on the Maiden  Voyage, some 31 years previously, in 1936. 

As one of the press reporters wrote:

"The average age of the passengers is well up in the 60's.  Jewels and furs abound.  Men with white hair and no hair are coupled to 75 year-old women with blonde hair and blue hair and pink hair.

The stories some of the passengers tell, their reasons for taking this voyage, are often melancholy.  A lot of them are widows and widowers whose middle-aged children have decided they've moped around in mourning long enough.  Yet somehow sadder than those are the ladies in their late 40s and 50s travelling in pairs and trios - the heart-breaking sisterhood of spinsters."

Even so, the youngest passengers were Peter Steel (8), Robert De Pass (9) and Alyson Burnard (11).

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