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About the Entertainers

For the North Atlantic voyages the Cunard Line had long standing contracts with agents and entertainers, however the Last Cruise was not operated by the shipping company.

As part of the contract to manage the cruise activities, the travel company Fugazy had just 75 days to also organise the entertainment on board.  One can imagine that 'the wires were singing' as telegrams and telephones were extremely busy.

A few performers were aboard for the entire trip, but most had short engagements, boarding at one port and remaining until the following port or two.

For example, Johnny Mathis boarded at Southampton and continued with the voyage until the Canary Islands.  Helen O'Connell joined in Lisbon and remained on board until the ship reached Long Beach.  Los Huasos Quincheros travelled from Rio round to their home port of Valparaiso.  Vic Damone and Julie Wilson joined the entertainment list at Balboa and continued with the voyage until the Queen Mary reached Long Beach.

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These following entries give brief descriptions of their careers to 1967, plus publicity photographs from that time.

Further information about the entertainers can be found in the Appendices on pages 252-259 of RMS Queen Mary - The Final Voyage

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