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Crew - Engine

This covered the officers and crew responsible for the maintenance and operation of all engineering equipment onboard the vessel.

The Chief Engineer, was a licensed mariner and, as the four rings on his sleeve denoted, had equal rank with the Captain.

Linked to the responsibility for the engines themselves, was also that for the oil, fuel and lube, the three types of water and the stocks of spare parts.

On the list for the Final Voyage there were 36 'Engineer & Electrical Officers'.

Below these 36 officers were 62 other ranks, functioning as oilers, greasers and firemen and electricians.  The 'Donkeyman' and his team of greasers kept engines and other deck equipment like cranes and capstans running smoothly.

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Crew - Catering

The term 'Catering' in this context referred to the wider meaning of catering for the needs of the passengers and the administration.

They would be the responsibility of the Chief Steward, the Purser and the Doctor


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