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Sergeant John Adams

Schools Waterloo 200

1st Battalion, Kings Dragoon Guards

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Waterloo Soldier by: Manchester Creative & Media Academy

Date added: 27 Apr 2015

In 1805, Private John Adams enlisted in to the 1st Dragoon Guards. After four years as a Private, he was promoted to a Corporal. After the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815, Corporal John Adams became a Sergeant.

During the battle, Adams received slight sabre wounds to the face and hip, and his horse was killed. Even though his injuries were severe, Adams grabbed the horse of a French soldier and used it to carry on fighting. He was determined to carry on with his Regiment.

Adams went on to also serve in France with the Army of Occupation. He also served in Ireland. By the time he retired in 1827 he had become Troop Sergeant. 

Adams served his regiment for 72 years and never missed one annual drill at Preston. Adams was awarded the good conduct and long service medal in 1863. 

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