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Private John Davison

Schools Waterloo 200


Lt.Colonel the Hon. J.H. Stanhope's Company

1 Jan 1780 - 1 Jan 1845

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Waterloo Soldier by: Peter Elder of Thorp Academy

Date added: 2 Jun 2015

Private John Davison was born in 1780.

He lived in Newcastle upon Tyne and worked as a tailor.

He was 5 foot 5 and a half inches. His hair was brown and he had hazel eyes.

On the 25th of October 1803 when John was 23 he enlisted in Chatham, Kent and joined the 3rd BATTALION of the 1st Regiment of Foot, later to become the GRENADIER GUARDS, in the Honourable J.H Stanhope Company.

He then served 15 years and nine days as a Private in the British Army until he was discharged on 2nd of November 1818.

While he was in the Army he fought in the Battle of Waterloo (and lots of other places - see attached list on next page).

The exact details of the part that John and the rest of his Battalion played at Waterloo are also attached. 

He was awarded the Waterloo Medal and appears on the Waterloo Medal Roll 1815 along with 994 other members of the 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Regt. Foot Guards.

When the Napoleonic Wars were over John stayed on in France as part of the Army of Occupation for another 3 years. He then boarded a ship and returned to Kent.

He then travelled to Newcastle and returned to his previous occupation of tailor - he is listed on the 1841 Census in the Parish of St Andrews (along with Jane Davison age 40, John Davison age 4 and Frances Davison age 1. These could be his daughter in law and his grandchildren).

In 1841 he is living in High Friar Street in the centre of Newcastle (since knocked down and turned into Eldon Square Shopping Centre - one of the malls has been named High Friars as it still follows the same route). The street led from Pilgrim Street to St Andrews Church, the oldest surviving church in Newcastle, and contained many tenements and small shops - photo attached.

We do not quite know when John Davison died, but he doesn't appear on the 1851 Census in this parish.

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