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Private John Hepworth

Schools Waterloo 200


Captain Henry Cramer's Company

Upload your research as a PDF as well as text and images about this Soldier

Dear Family and Friends, As a way remembering those that fought at Waterloo in June 1815 including $personFirstName$, our school has created a page within the $bookTitle$. Please contribute by adding your thoughts, messages, photographs or even videos about this soldier. Add your insight or expertise to help build and lock-in our knowledge about this person, simply go to: $findPersonLink$. and make your contribution too. Thank you,
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Waterloo Soldier by: Carlton Community College

Date added: 5 Jun 2015

We spent many hours both in class and after school researching Private John Hepworth from Dewsbury. We decided to contact the Lancashire Infantry museum to see if they could help us in our search. They got back to us and told us, 'Other than his listing on the Waterloo medal roll, we have nothing on this person at all. I have also checked the national archives, and his service record is part of a collection that was destroyed by fire in WW2.'

In our research as historians we have learnt a valuable and important lesson; you don't always find the information you are looking for. We would have loved to have found out about our chosen local soldier who fought for his country in such an important and significant battle, unfortunately this has not been possible. However, this has not discouraged us as historians.

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