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Captain William Hewitt

Schools Waterloo 200

3rd Battalion, 14th (Buckinghamshire) Regiment of Foot

Captain Henry Hill's Company

2 Jul 1795 - 26 Oct 1891

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Waterloo Soldier by: King Edward VI School

Date added: 17 Jun 2015

William Hewett was the last of the British officers who fought at Waterloo to die, passing away in Southampton on 26th October 1891 at the age of ninety six. He was born at Parkhurst, on the Isle of Wight, on 2nd July 1795 and was the third son of the Right Hon, Sir George Hewett, Bart., of Nethersall in Leicestershire.

At the time of Waterloo, Hewett was a junior captain of the 3rd battalion 14th (Buckinghamshire) Foot.

Full details of the actions and personnel of the 3/14th Foot before and during the Waterloo campaign can be found here.

Hewett's military career continued for some time after Waterloo. He purchased an unattached majority in 1825, joined the Rifle Brigade in 1826 and retired from active service with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 1828. In June 1826 Hewitt married Sarah, second daughter of General Sir James Duff.

Until very close to the end of his life Hewett's memory was sharp and his obituary maintained that "he possessed a vivid recollection of the momentous events in which he took part."

An excellent sketch of Hewett's grave in Southampton Cemetery can be found here

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