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Private Henry Houghton

Schools Waterloo 200

73rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot

1 Jan 1793 - 3 Mar 1880

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Waterloo Soldier by: Cardinal Newman Catholic School

Date added: 21 Apr 2015

Private Henry Houghtons headstone is located at St Peter's Churchyard, Wootton -Wawen, Warwickshire.

The headstone reads' In Memory of Henry Houghton late of HM 73rd Foot who was wounded at Waterloo.

He served at Waterloo and also served in the Netherlands in 1814 but was discharged 3 May 1816 due to to his gunshot wound on his thigh.

The 73rd Highland regiment of Foot had marched from Soignes on 16th June 1815 and were then thrust into heavy fighting at Quatre Bras, where they lost 53 men.

On the 18th June, the 73rd were positioned behind Hougoumont, where they spent most of the day, both under heavy French artillery fire, and under continued fighting against French cavalry.Later in the day, the 73rd helped repulse Napoleon’s Imperial Guard.

At the Battle of Waterloo, the 273rd suffered over 60% casualties, the second highest casualty rate of the battle.

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