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Lieutenant Edward Marcell Madden

Schools Waterloo 200


Captain J. Logan's Company

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Waterloo Soldier by: Burgess Hill School for Girls

Date added: 22 May 2015

Edward was a 2nd Lieutenant on 2nd May 1811. He then became a 1st Lieutenant on 13th May 1812. He served in the Peninsula war from January 1813 to March 1814. He was wounded on 7th of October 1813 and awarded half pay. He was in the 95th Regiment also known as the "rifles". Their motto is to be "first in the field, and last out of it". They wore a green uniform and had a flash on their helmets to identify themselves. He was located on Mount St Jean ridge and played an important part of the battle. Wellington used a square formation that Edward would have been a part of. Edward is now buried at Chichester Cathedral, he was probably just an ordinary soldier, but because the battle was seen as such a great victory for Britain, he was treated like a celebrity when he died.                                                                                   On the 5th of June 10 girls went to Chichester Cathedral with Miss Webster and Mr Clarke. We visited Edward Marcell Madden's plaque which is situated in the North isle of the Cathedral, and we were even able to talk to one of the Historian experts on the Battle of Waterloo.

 Edward Marcell Madden's plapue says "To the memory of Edward madden of the rifle brigade. who died on the 22 day of march 1519 age 23 years. this tablet is erected by his brother officers, to mark the deep regret of his loss and as a testimony of their high and lasting sense of his virtues, social and military, his manly and liberal principles, his frank and generous temper,his unsullied honour and his tried and conspicuous gallantry. In the face of the enemy's of his country."

Our paintings show the uniform worn by the 95th Regiment, their involvement in the battle and an example of a Wellington Square which Madden would have been part of.  We also have a photograph of the memorial erected at Mont St Jean and of the plaque placed in Chichester Cathedral for Edward Madden.

Edward died of consumption four years after the battle of Waterloo. Consumption is a bacterial infection of the lungs.

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