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Gunner Henry Anderson

Waterloo 200


Captain Sandhams Company

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Submitted by: Elspeth O'Dell

Date added: 2 Jul 2015

Great great great grampa, Gunner Henry Anderson of the Artillery, Captain Sandham's Company, was born in Delting, Shetland. On discovering that 2 of my great great granny's (2nd daughter) older siblings were born at Woolwich my curiosity was aroused. Many years of research have uncovered the tale of a Shetland man who enlisted in March 1804, had a daughter with his wife Elizabeth Scott on the 28th Feb 1812, baptized at the Scots Church, Woolwich,whom they named Ann Hamilton.Their 2nd child was born on the 31st May 1814, baptized at the Scots Church and named Henry Scott. It was on Henry jnr's death certificate that his father was recorded as a soldier and it was he who auctioned his father's medal in 1879, when the poorhouse threatened. Grampa Anderson returned to Shetland, to Udhouse, - see recent photo -  after Waterloo, added 4 children to his family, worked as a tailor then had to move to the mainland when times grew hard. Grampa and Granny Anderson lived out their days in Dundee and are buried there.
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