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Private James Fyffe

Waterloo 200

of 42nd Highlanders (Black Watch)

Captain Alexander Fraser's Company

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Submitted by: William Paterson

Date added: 26 Feb 2015

My mother related this story about 60 years ago, it has stuck with me but what I can recall verbatim is:

sic "you had an ancestor who was called ’’Napoleon’’ Fyffe.[not his real first name but one he was called all the rest of his life], He was a small man. probably only 5 feet tall and quite young when he served in the Black Watch at Waterloo.  They had been camped near Quatre Bras, when he and his tent party were captured by a patrol of the French Imperial Guard, some were killed and he and some others were taken prisoner. Because he was so short and the Guards were all tall, they thought it would be a good joke to strip him of his highland dress uniform and dress him in a French drummer boys uniform. He was sent back to the British camps where he was returned to the Black Watch and greeted with  "Napoleon has returned’’.

I suppose being dressed in a French uniform and the Emperor Napoleon supposedly being short, his mates would have thought it a better joke than the French did, again I have no proof, but the story stuck with me.

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