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A tribute to Colonel Charles King by Dale Jefferies

Date added: 28 May 2015


Dale Jefferies

Waterloo 200
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Colonel Charles King K.H - National Portrait Gallery

The Gentleman's Magazine (London, England)
Volume 176 Page 32

Obituary Colonel Charles King KH

July 5th At his residence, Mespilvilla, Dublin, after great and long-protracted suffering, Colonel Charles King, K.H. The services of Colonel King were continuous and active, commencing in early youth, and terminating but a short period before his death. He entered the army in 1805, as a Cornet in the 11th Light Dragoons. In 1810 he embarked with his regiment for Lisbon, and joined and served from that period under the Duke of Wellington throughout the Peninsular campaign. At El Bodon he was so severely wounded in the right arm as to render amputation necessary, having previously on the same day received a very bad wound in the left hand. As a reward for his services, and on the special recommendation of the Duke of Wellington, he was promoted by the Duke of York to a troop in the 16th Lancers, in which regiment he served for a period of fifteen years, having gone through the whole of the Peninsular war, and been present and taking an active part in all, and a conspicuous part in some, of the great battles for which that extraordinary campaign was distinguished.

He returned with his regiment to the Continent in 1814, and was engaged in action at Quantre Bras and Waterloo, on the ever-memorable days, the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June, 1815: in which latter battle he had one horse killed, and another severely wounded, under him. He was immediately appointed Brigade-Major to the 4th Brigade.

His regiment (the 16th) was ordered to India in 1822; he joined it in 1823, and in 1825 was promoted to the rank of Major. During that period he served in the whole of the campaign of Bhurtpore, in which he was engaged in many gallant and distinguished affairs of cavalry, commanding the left wing of the Lancers, with guns detached. Major King particularly signalised himself during the investment and siege of the fortress of Bhurtpore; where he succeeded, in conjunction with Capt. Luard, and assisted only by two orderlies, in capturing a native Rajah, with his whole suite. For his services in this campaign he received the thanks of Brigadier-General Sleigh, commanding the cavalry.

Wellington’s Men Remembered

A Register of Memorials to Soldiers
16th (Queen’s) Regiment of Light Dragoons.

Pedestal Tomb: Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, Irleland. (Grave Number c116-775).

Written on the stone: Underneath this memorial repse the mortal remains of colonel Charles King KH many years on the staff of Irland who departed this life July the 15th 1844 Aged 58 Years.

Rank and promotion dates:

Cornet - 9th May 1805
Lieutenant - 30th January 1806
Captain – 18th February 1813
Major - 2nd June 1825
Lieutenant Colonel - 18th October 1827
Colonel – 23rd November 1841

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