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Private William Penn

Waterloo 200

of 6th Inniskilling Dragoons

Captain Edward Hollech's Troop

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Submitted by: Richard Penn

Date added: 26 Jan 2015

My ancestor was Private William Penn of Captain Halleck's company, the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, one of the three regiments which came together in the Union Brigade. Family tradition says he was a personal servant to Lt.Col. Sanderson Miller, but we have found no evidence of this. We have found correspondence from Miller mentioning Penn, in support of a (probably bogus)claim that one of the 6th captured an eagle, only to have it stolen from him by another regiment. Whatever the truth of this, the Colonel may have felt some gratitude to Penn for the report, because he lent him a folly on his estate to run as, a pub, known as the 'Inniskilling Dragoon,' where Penn remained the rest of his life, raising a large family. That folly remains as a pub to this day, now known as the Castle Inn, at Edge Hill.

In the medal record Wm.Penn gave his home village as Grafton (now Temple Grafton, Warks.), allowing us to trace back his line as far as 1535.

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