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Private Josiah Stones

Waterloo 200

of 13th Light Dragoons

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Submitted by: Carol Dacey

Date added: 28 Jan 2015

Josiah Stones was born in June 1777 at Ecclesfield, Yorkshire and in 1798 he joined the regiment, which was a light cavalry regiment. His trade was listed as a cutler.

He went to the Peninsular War in 1809 and his wife, Jane also went with him as a “camp follower”. Six wives in each company travelled as “wives on strength” and they were chosen by ballot, but the “camp followers” travelled illegally, either by stowing away or jumping on board at the last moment.

Josiah and Jane had a daughter Elizabeth, born in Portugal and a son, John born in January 1813 at Briscous in France as the army travelled north on their way to Boulogne and home. The children miraculously survived and Elizabeth is my great great grandmother.

The regiment then spent time at Ramsgate, followed by time at Cork, Ireland. Early in 1815 they werere called to fight at Waterloo and they travelled by ship to Ramsgate and on to Ostend. After the Battle of Waterloo, Josiah was pensioned off and he lived as a Chelsea out-pensioner at Canterbury, Kent until his death in 1849. He was discharged after 17 years in the army, aged 40 with the complaint “worn out and chronic rheumatism”.

Josiah fought at La Albuhera, Vittoria and Toulouse in the Peninsular War and he held the Peninsular Medal and later the Waterloo Medal. I do not know where his medals are, but would certainly like to know.

There is a well- known painting of the Battle of Waterloo by Lady Elizabeth Butler showing Lord Hill commanding the regiment “Drive them back 13th”.

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