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2nd Captain William Henry Stopford

Waterloo 200

Captain Sandhams Company

13 Jan 1788 - 20 Jul 1868

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Submitted by: Laura Courtenay

Date added: 1 May 2015

Inspired by the Waterloo 200 Project & as a 1st cousin many times removed, I have the following information to share:

Colonel William Henry Stopford was the third son of Lieutenant General Hon. Edward Stopford (1732-1794) and grandson of James Stopford, first Baron Earl of Courtown in The County of Wexford, the earldom being created in 1762 & being titled in the Peerage of Ireland.

William Henry Stopford was born on 13 Jan 1788, entered the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1804 and died, in Hastings Sussex, on 20 Sept. 1868.  

2nd Lt. 15 Sept 1804. 1st Lt. 2 July 1805. 2nd Captain 1 April 1815. Captain 26 June 1829. Bt. Major 10 Jan 1837 Lt. Colonel 23 Nov. 1841. Colonel 20 June 1854.

As second in command of Captain Sandham's Brigade of Foot Artillery, he was present at Quatre Bras & Waterloo where he was wounded; 1841 Annual Army List records he “received a contusion”.  He was also present at the capture of Paris.

On 3 March 1825 he married Mira Sophia Bull, a daughter of Lt. Colonel Robert Bull, Royal Artillery and they had two children. (see attached photo of miniatures).

In 1842, when he succeeded to estates in Wigton, Colonel W H Stopford added Blair to his name. He lived at Penninghame House, Wigtownshire, Scotland. (see attached Announcement of Royal Licence, published in The Gazette, Whitehall 15 May,1842).

Colonel William Henry Stopford-Blair was buried in All Souls, Kensal Green Cemetery, London (13358/117/RS) on 26 September 1868.

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