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Private Joshua Stevens

Waterloo 200

of 2nd Battalion, 35th Regiment of Foot

Captain McNiell's Company

12 Feb 1788 - 13 Nov 1836

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Submitted by: Elizabeth Swain

Date added: 26 Feb 2015

My Husband’s 3rd Great Grandfather fought in the Battle of Waterloo. He was Joshua Stevens, born 12th February 1788 in Chedworth, Gloucestershire, England - death 13th November 1836 in Tasmania, Australia.

Eleanor Stevens (1824 - 1899)daughter of Joshua Stevens
EllenDay (1863 - 1918) daughter of Eleanor Stevens
FlorenceMorse (1894 - 1970) daughter of Ellen Day
Elizabeth Florence Marsh (1923 - 1987)daughter of Florence Morse
James Barry Swain

Joshua Stevens was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Regiment of Foot in Captain McNiell's Company, in which there were 224 men. He received the Waterloo medal for his part in the the defeat of Napoleon.

He and his brother were involved in the Chedworth Swing riots. Joshua and Robert Stevens were caught on the 30th November 1830 and tried on 4th January 1831 at the Epiphany Quarter Sessions. They were charged that "Upon the Oath" of Thomas Baxter of Coln Street, Dennis, farmer, with having on the 29th day of November last past, together with numerous other persons, destroyed a threshing machine, the property of the said Herman Howes.

The brothers were found guilty and sentenced to be transported to Australia for 14 years. The brothers were transported on the ship Eliza 2 which set sail on 6th February from Portsmouth and arrived at Tasmania on 29th May 1831. Records indicate that Robert was given a free pardon on 24 April, 1837. Robert was described as being marked with small pox and black whiskers. Robert had lost his right thumb and was 5 foot 6 inches high.

Joshua was described as being age 45 and having very dark hair, dark eye brows and dark eyes. He had black whiskers, a mark on the left corner of his left eye, a long face, a large nose pitted by small pox, several scars under his chin a very great many marks of punishment on his back and a dark complexion. He was 5 foot 11 inches high and it was noted that he had been a soldier in the 11th Light Dragoons.

Records indicate that Joshua died in 1836 whilst working for W. Moriarty Esq.

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