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Captain Clement Swetenham

Waterloo 200


Captain Swetenham's Troop

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Submitted by: Foster Swetenham

Date added: 2 Apr 2015

Clement Swetenham was born the eldest of 6 sons and 8 daughters of Roger Comberbach later Swetenham by royal licence of 1790.

Commissioned into 16th Light Dragoons he fought under the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War, earning the clasps Talavera, Busaco & Fuentes d’Onoro.He was part of the force covering Wellington’s army as it pulled back from Quatre-Bras to take up positions on the ridge of Mont St Jean and fought in the Battle of Waterloo the following day.The family have his Peninsular and Waterloo Medals, also a portrait of him wearing his Waterloo Medal and one of Mask, his charger on that day.

Also in the family possession is a letter that he wrote on 19th June to his mother, referring to the death of a brother officer, Captain Buchanan, who was killed in the battle.Calling on the family later, Clement met Buchanan’s sister Eleanor and they married 2 years later.

After completing his service as a major, he retired to the family home Somerford Booths Hall, Congleton, becoming a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy Lieutenant of Cheshire before dying in 1852.

One of his grandsons was the first of four consecutive generations to serve in another famous Waterloo regiment The Royal Scots Greys, later The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.

Submitted by Foster Swetenham

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