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Ensign William Thomas

Waterloo 200


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Submitted by: Owen Dobson

Date added: 13 Jun 2015

I have the Waterloo Medal and commissioning parchments to Ensign (later Lieut) William Thomas of 3rd Battalion 1st Regiment of Foot (or Royal Scots). Research is ongoing, but here is a potted history of what I know so far.

William joined 3rd Battalion as an Ensign (without purchase) on 15th December 1814. He fought at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo (where the Royal Scots suffered severe losses - based on the 1815 Muster, Waterloo Medal Roll, Army Lists and Regimental histories, Ensign William Thomas was one of only 2 Ensigns, out of 10, left standing by the end of Les Quatre Bras and Waterloo, with 3 killed and 5 wounded). After Waterloo, he marched to Paris with his Battalion and remained there as part the army of occupation. He returned to England in 1817 where, on 24th April, the 3rd Battalion were disbanded. He joined the 2nd Battalion in India later that year, fighting long and hard through the 3rd Mahratta War, and where (in May 1818) he was wounded at the 'Siege and Storm of Malligaum' (whilst serving with a Detachment of the Royal Scots as part of the Hydrabad Subsidiary Force with hard fighting through the 'reduction of the Candeish Forts'). Thomas was promoted to Lieutenant (again without purchase) whilst in India (20th Apr 1820) and returned to England in April 1823. His movements after 1823 have yet to be confirmed, but he died serving (still a Lieutenant) with the 1st Battalion, on the Island of Dominica, on 15th July 1833.

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