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Driver Samuel Webb

Waterloo 200


Captain G.H. Grimes "D" Troop

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Submitted by: Marion Marshall

Date added: 9 Aug 2019

Samuel Webb was baptised 20 September 1795 at St. Leonard's Church, Deal, Kent.  He was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Webb and the baptismal record stated that he was 'a soldier's child'.  His brother was John Lewes Webb, born 1798.

Samuel enlisted in the Royal Artillery on 29 March 1812, at Dover.  His Army number was 4939.  He may have taken part in the American War of 1812-15, as his name appears on lists of soldiers stationed in Canada.

Samuel served as a driver in 7th. Battery at Waterloo, in Captain G.H.Grimes' D Troop, engaged in the fierce fighting around Hougoumont.

After Waterloo, he continued in the Army for a number of years.  Stationed at Chester circa 1819, he married Sarah Dobson at St. Mary on the Hill, Chester, in 1820.  Afterwards, they lived in Woolwich.  They had several children, only 2 of whom survived : Samuel George and Lewis.

Samuel was eventually discharged from military service on 30 April 1826, classed as 'unfit'.  He was deaf and had lost an eye as a result of military action.  He received a pension of nine pence per day from 1st May 1826,  increased in May 1827 to one shilling per day.  His discharge record stated that he was aged 31, was 5ft.2ins. tall, had black hair, hazel eyes and a swarthy complexion.

Samuel continued to work at the cadet barracks in Woolwich for some years, later moving with his family to Handbridge, Chester, where he died on 11 March 1852.  His wife, Sarah, died there 15 September 1854.

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