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Trumpeter William Weldon

Waterloo 200


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Submitted by: John Macro

Date added: 12 Feb 2015

William Weldon 1775 to1845, Trumpet major of the 13th Light Dragoons at the Battle of Waterloo was one of my Great, Great, Great Grandfathers.
He wrote his autobiography entitled “Jehovah-Nisi, The Lord My Banner” in three parts, I and II in 1818 and Part III in 1820. These are the story of his life from his birth to his discharge from the Army in 1818, liberally interspersed with much religious teaching! They were written “to comply with the kind request” of Ebenezer Huntington, son of William Huntington, the prosperous and influential churchman (1745-1813).
Ebenezer Huntington, 55 High Street Bloomsbury had them published; Pts I and II can be found in Dr Williams Library, London and Pts II and III in the British Library.
I suspect that it was Ebenezer Huntington who commissioned the fine oil painting (31” x 25”) of Trumpet Major William Weldon by John Renton about 1818. A stipple engraving (13” x 11”) by James Godby was also published by Ebenezer Huntington on 23 June 1818 (I have copies of both).

After William Weldon’s discharge on 24 June 1818 he became an Out Patient of the Chelsea Hospital.He became a Minister of Christ’s Gospel at Thorpe Street Chapel, Birmingham. Some of his sermons and religious tracts, poems and hymns were printed and are in the Birmingham Library. He moved to Great Yarmouth in 1840 and died there on 18th May 1845.

Obituary in Norfolk Chronicle and Norwich Gazette on 24 May 1845:- “On Sunday last, Mr William Weldon, Baptist minister of Great Yarmouth, formerly of Birmingham, aged 79*, after a long and severe affliction, in which he proved much of the divine power and exemplified much Christian patience; he ended his very public life in peace.”* Error – aged 69

----- Submitted by John Macro -----
I would welcome contact from anyone with information or  sharing common ancestry from Trumpeter William Weldon 

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