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Captain Jonathan Leach memories

Waterloo 200

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Dear Family and Friends, As a way remembering those that fought at Waterloo in June 1815 from the Artefacts that remain like this $personFirstName$ from that time, we have created a page within the $bookTitle$. Please contribute by adding your thoughts, messages, photographs and videos about this period artefact. Add your insights and expertise to help build and lock-in our knowledge about this item, simply go to: $findPersonLink$ and make your contribution too. Thank you
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/ Add Artefact by: Ethan Storey, Bishop Luffa School

Date added: 7 Jun 2015

Captain Jonathan Leach wrote a book about his experiences in the Napoleonic wars. The book is put together from his notes and a journal that he kept regularly. Reading the book can show how the soldiers felt at the time and what they thought of their opponents.

In his book he calls his opponents attacks 'desperate' on many occasions so you can clearly see that he did not think that his opponents were skilled rivals. At the time writing a journal, notes or even some rough sketches could be good for the mental wellbeing of a soldier as it provided them with something to talk to and share their troubles with. This was especially important when sometimes they would be away from their loved ones for months without seeing them. Also, letters sent from the front were not sent very regularly or reliably so keeping a journal was undoubtedly a good idea.

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