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Captain Jonathan Leach Waterloo Medal

Waterloo 200

1 Jan 1785 - 1 Jan 1855

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/ Add Artefact by: Ethan Storey, Bishop Luffa School

Date added: 7 Jun 2015

Captain Jonathan Leach was awarded the Waterloo medal for his service at the Battles of Waterloo and Quatre Bras. Anyone who fought at the battle of Ligny was also awarded the medal. The reason that this medal is special is because anyone who fought in these battles was awarded the medal regardless of their rank or wealth. Also it is the first medal to be passed to the next of kin if the soldier died. The medal is a 37mm (3.7cm) wide and 7mm thick disk that is made out of silver and a total of 39,000 were given out.

The face on the back of the medal is that of George, Prince Regent (he later became King George IV). It may surprise you to know that the king at the time of Waterloo was not George IV, it was his father George III. King George III is probably most well known today for suffering a mental illness in later life, so at the time his son took over as Prince Regent as his dad was not thought well enough to rule. This may be why he is not depicted on the medal.


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