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Nassau Waterloo Medal

Waterloo 200

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/ Add Artefact by: Richard Tennant BCMH

Date added: 11 Aug 2016


The Duchy of Nassau was a German state, centred on the city of Wiesbaden, established on 30th August 1806, under the joint rule of Frederick Augustus, and his younger cousin Frederick William. After Napoleon formed the Confederation of the Rhine, some Nassau contingents fought with distinction for France in Spain.

At Waterloo troops from Nassau provided eight very strong battalions - 7,272 or some 10% of Wellington’s infantry. They were deployed at both extremities of the battlefield and in the centre. Nassauers were involved in the defence of Hougoumont, the struggle for the centre (including La Haie Sainte) and the fighting around Papelotte, La Haie and Frichermont.

Waterloo Medal of the Duchy of Nassau

This medal was established by Frederick Augustus, Duke of Nassau on 23rd December 1815. It was 28.9mm in diameter and made of silver, suspended by a blue ribbon with yellow borders.

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