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About Waterloo Anecdotes

These pages contain little stories which have been posted by individual people who perhaps may not have had an ancestor at Waterloo but might have seen or been told something about the battle.

You might have been handed down an interesting story about the Napoleonic era or perhaps more specifically Waterloo which you may have read or been told about and would now like to share this with others.

To add your Waterloo Anecdote, you will need to Register with just your name and email address then Add a Waterloo Anecdote including the story behind it .

Please Share your anecdote with Friends and Relatives and encourage them to contribute.

Please do NOT add Descendant's Stories here but request the Access Code so that you can add that to the other soldiers. This ensures your information can be found, read, shared and added to.

Any queries then please refer to  the Help and FAQ chapter

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Adding your Descendant's Story
To maintain authenticity please email us with the Soldier's full name and Regiment then we will send you an 'Access Code'. Having selected the correct Soldier, enter this 'Access Code' to enable adding your Descendant's Story then Save and Share with relatives and Friends. Each Access Code only works for one Soldier.  Waterloo 200 reserve the right to remove invalid stories.

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