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About the Waterloo 200 Book

Waterloo Soldiers
Check to see if a Descendant's Story exists about a soldier by entering their surname into the Search box. If so, their name will appear at the top including their Regimental details.
Selecting their name will link to the Story page about their role in the Battle of Waterloo to which you can add your Story & additional information.

If no Story has been left then the first 10 closest matches will be listed below including their Regiment. Selecting any of these name will list all close matches. To add your Story, follow the steps for 'Adding a Descendant's Story'.

Here you can add an artefact you possess or have seen that helps explain the history behind the Battle of Waterloo and its era. This may be an military object, letter or memorabilia including photos and video.

Visitor Anecdotes
In this Chapter you can add your stories handed down through the generations about your connection with the battles culminating in Napoleon Bonaparte's final defeat at Waterloo and exile to St. Helena.

Adding a Story, Artefact or Annecdote requires you to Register your name and email address. There is no charge.

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By kind permission of The National Army Museum

Having difficulty finding a Soldier ?
The Soldier's names are taken from those listed in the 1815 Medal Roll following the battle which usually contain abbreviated first names. So often you will see 'Wm Abbott' not 'William Abbott', please allow for typos, 'W Abbot'.
So best to Search for 'W Abbott' then select the first result to give a list which you can scroll and page through using the Regimental details to identify the correct Soldier.

Adding a Descendant's Story
To maintain authenticity please email us with the Soldier's full name and Regiment then we will send you an 'Access Code'. Having selected the correct Soldier, enter this 'Access Code' to enable adding your Descendant's Story then Save and Share with relatives and Friends. Each Access Code only works for one Soldier.  Waterloo 200 reserve the right to remove invalid stories.

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