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Chapter - About the Descendant Stories

These stories are in alphabetical order of the soldier's surname and have been posted into this book having been subitted by a living Descendant.
The stories are beautifully scripted and make fascinating reading.

Please add your Descendant Story of an ancestor that was at Waterloo, this can be from observers and wives as well as soldiers.

Here's some to explore

“The rain had not quite ceased and the fields and roads were in such a fearfully muddy state, they slowed and tired us. In such conditions it was difficult for the cavalry to perform properly,... 
Read more about Major Arthur Rowley Heyland

It was late in the day when they got the order to charge, and with the soldiers of the Gordon Highlanders hanging on to their stirrups and with a cry of "Scotland Forever!", the Greys swept down on the enemy. Ewart made straight for the French standard bearer, ...Read more about Serjeant Charles Ewart

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Excerpts from Descendants Stories

Ompteda knew better and said so, but the 22-year old snapped repeated orders to attack. “Well I will”, Ompteda replied, first asking the 5th Battalion Commander Linsingen, to save his two teenage nephews, which was done. At sixty yards he cried “Charge”, according to Edmund Wheatley, an English officer of the 5th and then “Follow me, brave comrades”, ... Read more about Colonel Christisan Freiherr von Ompeteda

Stunningly attractive, she put her looks to good use by placing a sovereign between her teeth and inviting potential recruits to accept it with a kiss. Not surprisingly, she was overwhelmed with volunteers, but then up stepped Campbell, fresh from the gunsmith’s shop his father had taken over. On taking the kiss and the coin, he flung the latter into the crowd just to show that it was not the money ... Read more about Dugald Campbell

There has long been a misunderstanding about who captured at Waterloo Napoleon's Barb charger, Marengo, whose skeleton is displayed in the National Army Museum. Read more about Lieutenant Henry Petre

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