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Chapter - About Waterloo Soldiers

This concise alphabetical list (by surname) contains a comprehensive record of all the British based soldiers who fought at Waterloo including those of of the King’s German Legion. We include and welcome Descendant’s Stories about French soldiers too

It contains, the rank, the First name, Surname, the Regiment and Troop that each soldier served in. These are all searchable, so you can find who fought alongside each other.

How to Use and Search the list

Enter the  Surname of the soldier that you are searching for in the Search box and press enter.
A list of names will open, else the 'Enter / Cr' keyboard to display all.
The name(s) will appear on a separate page.
If you hover your mouse over the name, their regiment and other details will appear.

Alternatively typing the Regiment or Troop then 'Enter / Cr' will display all of those soldiers on multiple pages of results.

Waterloo 1815
Waterloo 1815

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As there are over 36,000 soldiers' names listed in this book, to quickly go to sections of Waterloo Soldiers please use these links

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The last Stand of the Imperial Guard
The Last Stand of the Imperial Guards at Waterloo General Hill calling on upon the Enemy to Surrender

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