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The Continental practice of awarding a medal to every man, or regiment in a campaign, also offended the English military pride, which some viewed such service as simply as matter of duty. Some of the veterans of Waterloo refused to wear their campaign medal in support of their comrades from the Peninsular War and of all other campaigns against the French, as well as the war of 1812 between Canada and the US, were finally recognised with the Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814.

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The Waterloo medal may have been the first campaign medal awarded to all ranks, but it was certainly not to be the last. In the century after Waterloo, campaign medals proliferated and from around 1842 service medals were given to all British forces for major operations on land and sea. These medals chart the growth and defense of the British Empire in the nineteenth centuries, marking campaigns in regions as diverse as the Crimea, India, Africa, Afghanistan and China. The Waterloo medal also paved the way for the campaign medals of the twentieth century , including those given for service ion the World Wars, Korea, the Falklands and the Gulf.

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